Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sketchy Flower Card Kit: 1st Card

Why don't I put supplies away as I use them in my craft room. That is the source of the chaos that eventually surrounds me as I work away on any project. The more supplies I use the smaller my work space becomes. For example, yesterday the My Favorite Things Sketchy Flower Card Kit arrived. I opened the kit after work in my then clean and orderly craft room. 

Hours later I came back into the craft room to take just a last look before bed. That's when it started. I had to try the stamps. That resulted in a bunch of ink pads being brought out and spread around one side of the desk. Later I needed to figure out the paper. That resulted in paper being spread out. Finally I decided to die cut the stamps...more supplies out and lastly I decided an embossing folder was all I needed to add dimension to my card. 

By this time I'd forgotten it was late, that I was only going to try the stamps and that I needed to get up early the next morning. When the card was finished my memory returned! Sleepy morning here....but am loving the first card from this kit and how fast it came together!


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