Monday, December 5, 2016

Challenge Accepted

Had a week off of work and decided I'd better get cracking on making those Christmas cards. But first I had to finish my last birthday card. Finished and in the mail goes the last one of the year today! This ends my challenge of making an individualized card for each family member this year. It was harder than I thought especially starting in August when the waves of birthdays keep rolling in by the doubles. My family has almost all it's birthdays during what I call our birthday season, from August through November. Some if not most of the cards I sent during this time had the word belated in the birthday greeting. Anyway, that is over and now I'm challenging myself to make as many individualized Christmas cards as I can. I also want to enter some card contests/challenges along the way.

This card is for my dad who loved a bird he named Sonny. Don't get me wrong. He had two sons of his own (and three very lovely daughters :). Maybe he just wanted to even the son thing out because when our youngest sister was born my older sister and I rubbed it in our brothers' faces pretty hard that the females now dominated the household. So this card is for my dad. The pine cone reminds me of the times he took us to play hide and seek in the pine tree farm near our home. Simple times, fun times, great memories.

Dad is in an assisted living home now with his memories quite tangled up but he's still dad, the kind man with the bright blue eyes and the same meticulous nature, gentle laugh and accepting welcome. I tease him it's his new job to be the official welcome person because he was one of the first ones at this new place. I don't visit or call him often enough but he is in my thoughts always. Love you Dad!

 I am planning to submit this card to Paper Sweeties Inspiration December 2016 Challenge. I am new at this so I am also hoping to figure out how to add a link back to them in my blog which they require. So much to learn, which is good, but so little time, which is not so good! Plus the brain cells are getting up there age-wise.

Paper Sweeties Inspiration December 2016 Challenge

Art Impressions Stamp I won on Facebook page My Inky Oasis

Just a quick update...I didn't win the challenge and when my 6-year-old granddaughter heard that this card didn't win she was very busy for a moment in my craft room then gave me an award she made for my card.

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